cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival

cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival returns with a refreshed name and identity for its 12th edition! The newly stylised name of “cont·act” – meaning “continued act” – encapsulates the Festival’s enduring commitment to contribute to the local contemporary dance landscape, and renewed vigour in celebrating dance as a bridging force of experiences and perspectives.

Photo by Jozef Chua

Breathing Ground

Themed “Breathing Ground”, the 12th edition of the Festival conducts a space of respite, reflection, and reconnection with the self and the larger community. The Festival’s lineup of live performances, for live audiences, is a resistant note against the onslaught of digitalisation of performance in the past two years, yet a knowing ode and farewell to the making and presenting of dance as we know it. As we begin to reimagine dance and its possibilities in an endemic world, “Breathing Ground” – illustrating a heaving, breathing earth – suggests a burgeoning ripeness for the turn of a new chapter.

A New Chapter

It is a bittersweet goodbye to the familiar name of M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival, a name that has accompanied us through our humble beginnings, and distinguished us as we grew from strength to strength. Forging ahead with our new name, the Festival remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting, developing and nurturing the dance community. In this act of continuity, we give a grateful nod of acknowledgement to the past editions of the Festival and the remarkable milestones achieved, and take our first steps ahead.

Photo by Serena Nicoletti

“ M1 cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival has become a staple of the Singapore dance scene, and aims to dispel the myth of incomprehensibility while presenting quality international and regional works and championing new local artists. ”


Photo by Bernie Ng


Board of Directors
Jobina Tan
Foo Yuet Min
Lee Biyi
Kuik Swee Boon
Lee Chor Lin
Jason Chia
Belina Tan

Artistic Directors 
Founding Artistic Director,
T.H.E Dance Company & Festival Director,
cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival:

Kuik Swee Boon
Associate Artistic Director,
T.H.E Second Company:
Silvia Yong

Production & Design Team
Festival Production Manager: Tennie Su
Lighting Designer: Liu Yong Huay Faith
Stage Manager
(Open Stage, Dance At Dusk):
Lee Xinzhi
Production Stage Manager
(Off Stage, Grey Space):
Ng Siaw Hui

Festival & Office Team
Founding Artistic Director, T.H.E Dance Company & Festival Director, cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival: Kuik Swee Boon
Company Manager, T.H.E Dance Company & Festival Manager, cont·act Contemporary Dance Festival: Athelyna Swee
Festival Executive: Kwek Yixuan
Outreach Manager, Education & Community: Denise Leong
Administrative & Partnerships Executive: Ho Jun Chong (Jaycee)
Marketing Executive: Danielle Patayan
Interns: Amegbegnuie Esther Mei Rui, Courtney Mae Lim

Guest Programme Coordinator – Caino e Abele #1 (Corpo a Corpo): Giulia Poli
Curatorial Direction & Artistic Facilitation – GreySpace: Anthea Seah
Programming Executive – Open Stage & Off Stage: Chew Shaw En

Creative Team
Graphic Designer: The Press Room
Copywriter: Kwek Yixuan
Key Visual Photographer: Serena Nicoletti
Festival Trailer Video Editor: Paraphrase
Creative Access Artist (Dance at Dusk):
Access Path Productions

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